Nutraceuticals is a combination of “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical” , nutraceuticals are food products that may provide health and medical benefits.

Modern technology has advanced the nutraceutical industry, allowing us to separate the beneficial chemical components derived from plants, food, and microbial sources, to provide increased health and medicinal benefits.

Innoten Co.Ltd has accumulated much expertise in the Nutraceuticals industry and can provide best case practices and support to meet those demands by providing innovative, condition-specific ingredients backed by gold-standard human clinical studies that demonstrate efficacy.  Our nutraceuticals fit easily into people’s daily diet and offer positive, lifestyle-oriented wellness and nutritional benefits.

Our nutraceutical ingredients covers the following category;

  • antioxidant protection
  • bladder control
  • blood glucose management
  • cardiovascular support
  • detoxification
  • digestive health
  • eye health
  • immune support
  • joint care
  • menopause support
  • mental acuity
  • stress and weight management