Innoten Co. Ltd, established in 2008, is focused on finding a qualified worldwide partner with high competence in API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) manufacturer.   Our skilled staffs are linked to a high reliable manufacturers network qualified in technical-regulatory requirements fulfillment.   We know that confidentiality and reserve are key players in a successful business.

Our related services are the following:

Synthesis Optimization

Kilo Lab (up to 25 Kg glass reactor), GMP Pilot plant and Production plant (400 Kg/batch).
Full ranges of equipment are available on request.

Site Optimization
  • Innoten Co.Ltd has proper Qualified Person (QP) to execute a third party GMP audit:
  •  Manufacturing Site Verification
  •  Plant Equipment Verification
  •  Laboratories Audit
  •  Process Validation 

Cost Optimization

New potential key intermediates and API source identification with technical-regulatory requirements fulfillment.

Warehouse Optimization

External qualified warehouse and transportation for temperature sensitive materials.