Simple and Lean

Our organization is simple and lean, we permanently work on reducing our costs… a legacy of our roots as a retailer.  We are the sourcing arm of Casino Group, a retailer with yearly sales of over US$60 billion

Sourcing & Order Execution

We concentrate exclusively on sourcing & order execution which is our forte: we let client’s in-house designers, style specialists and creative teams do their work. We work with them, we don’t compete with them

Obsessively Focused

We focus exclusively on categories for which we have extensive product expertise, several years of experience and dependable vendor portfolios based in sourcing countries where we maintain an active office.

Consolidating Buying Power

We employ our annual sourcing volume (US$350 million) as a lever to negotiate lower price for all clients. We consolidate purchases of various clients among a few vendors for each category.

Totally Transparent

We are totally transparent with respect to our activities, resources  and the vendors or factories with which we work. We qualify technically these factories and audit them for social and environmental compliance

Highly Accountable

We maintain a nimble and flexible organization to meet our clients changing needs, they interact with clearly identified, highly accountable counterparts.  We commit and we deliver on quality level and shipment dates